The NHNA has been in existence since 1980. Its purpose is to enhance and protect the residential character and livability of the area. Our focus is on improving Needham as a whole while ensuring that Needham Heights, the gateway into Needham from Route 128/Highland Ave and Needham Street in Newton, continues to be an attractive community in which to live and do business. The organization has gained the respect of Town leaders and local businesses as well as neighbors in the community.

Our Request – Your Involvement

We hope to get more new voices involved in our association as we look to further beautify and preserve the neighborhoods of Needham and in particular the Heights/Avery Square Area. We would like to plan an upcoming speaker series that should attract new members. We thank those of you who have called or emailed to compliment the Association for its beautification efforts at Avery Square and in front of the Heights businesses. Of course, in order to continue these efforts we count on people to help be involved. We are appreciative of the dues that are paid to help fund these efforts but for those that would like to donate time we would be just as grateful.

As we look to the future we need to band together as neighbors to provide input on large scale projects and to help establish the kind of Town in which we want to live. We want to reach out to businesses to forge a better partnership between our residents and the businesses they frequent. Please know that members of our Association participate in the Council of Economic Advisors to ensure that the Height’s voice is heard as the Town plans the future for the business districts.

We continue to receive calls from potential tenants of Heights property including restaurants, cafes and retailers who we hope to be able to greet in the near future. We hope you take part in our Association and provide input on what you would like the NHNA to focus on in the future and who you might like to hear speak at an upcoming meeting.

Questions? Reach out to us at